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About Our Company

Founded by a CPAP Machine User

Our founder Mark has been using a CPAP machine for two years or more. He came up with the idea for CPAPHolders the same day his first CPAP machine was delivered. Mark was unwilling to place the new machine on his nightstand, because he was already hurting for space with his alarm clock, tissues and lamp. Mark was worried about the expensive machine being accidentally pulled off the night stand, spilling water and an assortment of other complications that came with his new device. Placing the machine on the floor would make vacuuming more difficult and risk damaging the machine. So Mark came up with the first CPAPHolder for his own personal use. He wanted the simple luxury of having it easy to reach and out of the way.


The Company

JMark Unlimited, LLC creates and develops new products and redesigns existing products to make consumers life better. 
Through simplistic and creative thinking we discover new innovative products to bring to the market place. 
By understanding the consumers needs and what motivates their buying behavior.
 These needs indicate opportunities for production development and lead to successful new product introduction.
 We strive to create and develop the best product possible for the consumer’s satisfaction.
 And pride ourselves on the uniqueness and imaginative products we bring to the market place, with the up utmost attention to quality, integrity and value to our customers.

CPAP Holders are Made in the USA

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