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Know if your machine fits

Knowing if your CPAP machine will fit the CPAPHolder is a very important consideration. Currently about 99% of the CPAP machines on the market will fit the 8" x 12" shelf included with your CPAP Holder. To see if your machine will fit, carefully measure your device to ensure it will fit within the dimensions of the CPAPHolder shelf. 

CPAP Stand and Holder gets CPAP machine off your night stand
Shelf Size: 8" x 12"

No Bed Rails Required

The CPAPHolder slides between your mattress and box springs and fits almost all beds. The following exception are as follows the CPAPHolder will not be compatible: 

  • If the box spring rests below the top edge of your bed rails,  with your bed.
  • If you have a Scandinavian Style bed 
  • If your bed is reclinable.

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Technical Specs

Your CPAP machine will rest securely in the CPAPHolder plastic tray, held in place by a velcro strap. If any water leaks from the machine, should generally be caught inside the tray, protecting your floors and furniture from damage. Removing the machine for maintenance and cleaning is as easy as undoing the strap and lifting the machine out of the tray. No modifications to your bed or bed frame are necessary.

CPAP Holders are Made in the USA

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