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SKU: CP2000
Price: $49.95
Weight: 5.1 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 14 in × 4 in



"This CPAP Bedside Holder is far less intrusive than the little table I kept by my bed, so that I could keep my machine height lower than my sleeping surface. It was very easy to assemble, just 4 screws. With the CPAP Bedside Holder, I am always assured that I will have a convenient place to set my machine when I travel."

"Works as advertised. Clears

"Works as advertised. Clears your bedside table, keeps the CPAP and humidifier below your head to reduce chances of rainout, extends the reach of your hose as it bring the whole system closer to you. The only drawback is that they don't recommend using the strap to keep CPAP in place during "turbulence in the bed". lol"

"The bedside holder is a good

"The bedside holder is a good solution for me. My bedroom has narrow, built in night stands. The bedside holder then nicely fills the space between bed and the stand which creates longer effective tube length and the new position lower than top of mattress level seems to reduce the effective noise level of the cpap. The unit stays rock-solid under the memory foam mattress. Only cautionary note is to make sure you measure your machine for fit. I have Respironics RemStart Series M with A flex and heated humidifier. The width of the machine is a very tight fit in the plastic holder but perhaps that is a good thing, too (without humidifier it would fit easily). I like it and may order another."

Love the shelf, assembled

Love the shelf, assembled easily except we were missing one washer which must have slid out of the little bag because there was a slit in it. Just took it on a car trip and used it at the condo. Hubby says its at the right spot to turn off the machine for those bathroom trips. One thing to think about in the future might be a cut-out on the outside of the shelf so that you can remove the container on the humidifier without removing the whole machine from the shelf since you can't see how much water is in the reservoir. Pat
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